Group Training

This is the core and base part of our business. We lay a foundation of exercise and training principles that are based on functional, innovative and creative training techniques. We base this on a 6 week cycle and no class is ever the same. 

1 on 1 training 

If your goals are incredibly specific, if you are starting from scratch or prefer working privately, we do offer one on one services for those looking for that private attention. Based on the same 6 week cycles, however with mass emphasis and working together towards your goals


There are both fitness and weigh-in assessments once every 6 weeks. These are recorded, monitored and kept for reference and a great tool to help towards setting and achieving your goals – the weigh in assessments takes measurements such as body fat %, water intake, muscle mass and waist and hip measurements.

Physical Therapy

I base my journey of therapy based on the eastern philosophy where my treatments focuses on the lymph system and getting the circulation right. If that is working it means our bodies naturally flushes out the needed toxins and the lymph system is the very base of a healthy body and basis of wellness. Cause when your lymph system is clear your PH balance of your body is more alkali and that's a happy, healthy and functional body. I focus on pressure and meridian point to assist in optimum results. 

My treatments benefits anyone from elite sportsman and woman to the weekend warriors to keep injury free and teach and assist your body to heal itself. Pregnant woman to keep the water retention under control and ease the added strain this beautiful magical journey has on her body. 

And for general well being in men and woman who is looking to add to their quality of life to manage stress and to enhance and better sleep