Team Stature


    Owner and Founder of Stature Gyms, Dasch believes in a philosophy of everything in moderation. The key to success is consistency and to stick at it. A recent Ironman finisher in 2013, he is always striving to better himself and re-create and keep clients interested in their training, keeping them actively involved and engaging them in goal setting and working together. After finishing his studies in 2010 in Ireland, he returned to Cape Town where he has been working in the fitness industry for over 5 years.


    Sports scientist, personal trainer, spinning instructor, group fitness trainer, Pilates instructor and all round health/wellness and life coach. My aim for my clients – train hard, eat well, cheat when you NEED to and get results! Favourite nicknames from my clients have ranged from sergeant major to the devils mistress!! I love a good challenge and practice what I preach!