Our Philosophy

Here at Stature, we work together to integrate your fitness and lifestyle to allow you to be the best you can be.

At Stature there is a strong sense of family and an even stronger sense of achievement. We lay a foundation of exercise and training principles that are based on functional, innovative and creative training techniques.

With this predominent emphasis on technique, our ‘group-based’ style of training steers clear of the masses, adding a very personal touch to each session. Focusing heavily on form-correction and constantly encouraging you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Here, you only compete against yourself.

We set your goals together and we achieve them by working together. We do this in a fun and interesting way keeping both body and mind stimulated with a full range of movement and different sessions each day.

Our pre-planned 6 week cycles are created to stimulate muscle activation and functional movements. We like to keep your body guessing so that you can keep pushing to your limit.